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Updated: Jul 28, 2019

Welcome to the TRADEATOMY blog.

Today is the release of a project, that I have been pondering about for a long time. It only makes sense if I am able to provide value and quality to other traders. Attaining this requires a considerable share of my time, something that most people lack of nowadays. Nevertheless, I decided to finally realize this project.

For one thing, I think it compels me to structure important insights and study results as well as bring them into a format of easy comprehensibility. I will benefit greatly alone from this. For another thing, I can profit from the feedback and all kinds of other interaction with fellow traders.

"Learn things to where you can explain it to a child." - Richard Feynman

My abilities in the field of information technology and data science combined with the experience of a full-time real money trader has unveiled to me being in high demand.

In fact, glancing at my idea list, there seems to be an infinite amount of potential in this combination. With TRADEATOMY, I am going to share valuable insights about trading, the application of various (programming) technologies and offer products, most of which I originally developed for my own trading.

I do also consult and program custom software projects.

If you have any questions, wishes, ideas or you are looking for someone to support you on your custom project, please do not hesitate to reach out via the comment function, the contact form or directly at

To stay up to date, I invite you to become a member and to follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

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