Trading Mate

Place, execute and manage a trade.

On the chart, in 4 steps and

in less than 45 seconds.

As Unique as You.

21 Input settings allow you to tailor Trading Mate to your specific needs. No matter if you trade stocks, futures, options or forex. 

Save time, enjoy planning trades and minimize the chance of errors.

Learn more about the inputs settings:

“Order Errors Are Not Gifts From God That Turn Into Winning Trades”
- Larry Williams (happy Trading Mate user)

Features. Intelligent, at Hand.

The majority of the features are easily accessible from the right-click context menu.
The others activate automatically right when you need them.

The menu adapts to the user-defined Pullback Ratios and Contract/Shares amount.

Often used functions are assigned with Hotkeys.

  • Hold CTRL and click on setups to delete them.

  • Hold ALT and click on setups to open the Edit Trade Data dialog.

Finetune trade setups with the Edit Trade Data dialog.

Enter desired Reward/Risk ratios and let the app calculate the exact entry, profit target and stop loss prices .

Snap Mode

You draw roughly on the chart.
Trading Mate snaps to the exact prices automatically.

You once configure the sensitivity and the prices that fit your trading style.

Trading Mate does the rest!

Prices you can snap to:

  • Open 

  • (true)High

  • (true)Low

  • Close

All bars within the rectangle are evaluated.


Tick Shift

Don't want to buy and sell the exact high and lows? Tick Shift
automatically adds/subtracts a number of ticks to your entries and/or stop loss.

You can also buy and sell earlier.

Execute complex trades with a single click.


Choose from five entry order combinations that all come with appropriate exit orders.

  1. Stop Order

  2. Limit Order

  3. Pullback Limit Order PB: X % (advanced order with activation rules)

  4. Stop + Pullback Limit Order PB: X

  5. Exit Only Bracket Order

The order combinations are logically linked entry, profit target, and stop-loss orders.
They design processes to cover trades end-to-end. 

Example process chain of 4. Stop + Pullback Limit Order PB: X %

Learn all the order combinations details in the user manual:

Get More.

Payoff Ruler Logo_BGWhite.png

Trading Mate includes all functionalities of the app Payoff Ruler.

Product presentation

Presentation table of contents:

00:11 First Steps and Style Filter

03:13 Feature Overview

15:57 Style Filter Details

18:39  Long and Short Scenario

19:54 Snap Mode

24:27 Saving Setups

25:17 Order Placement

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