Global TrendLines

Multiple time frame analysis in 1, done!

Synchronize Trend Lines, Horizontal Lines, and Fibonacci Retracements on all charts you need them on. Automatically.

Global Fibonaccis in TS?


Full Control.

Decide to work with Horizontal Lines, Trendlines, or both.

Define filters to control which lines are adopted.

Groups allow full control of the replication logic. Replicate lines across any chart. No matter the symbol.

Or let the app do "auto" grouping based on the ticker symbol.

Learn more about the inputs settings:


All style properties, including style, color, etc. are synchronized in real-time.

Hold ALT and click on setups to
open the 
Edit Prices dialog.

Hold CTRL and click on the

lines to delete them.​

The lines are saved in XML format on your PC and can, therefore, be restored whenever needed.

That also enables to import the lines into other TradeStation installations.

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$ 4/Month

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