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Next Level TradeStation Apps 

Bring the Best out of Your TradeStation Platform with our Trading Apps

Enjoy Exceptional Usability

Simplify Everyday Tasks

Save Time and Minimize Errors

Plan, Execute and Manage Your Trades from the Chart

Easy Risk-Management

Better Entries, Higher Profits



  • Plan, execute and manage trades directly from the chart

  • Simplified risk management.

  • Minimize order placement errors.

  • Measure cash values of price distances

  • Cash value of the bar ranges and a moving average

  • Replicate drawings & Fibonacci retracements across charts.

  • Price & Time alerts system.

  • Management sidebar with folders.

  • Auto-Styling & display rules


Technology meets Trading


I am happy to support you with your custom trading related software projects.

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Browse my ready made products. Designed by professional traders with focus on exceptional usability and quality.


Visit the blog for free indicators, EasyLanguage® and NinjaScript C# programming tutorials, market study results and applied trading tenets.




I have been working in the software programming business for more than 12 years. The fascination of the financial markets drew me into trading in 2013 and the infinite possibilities of the industry have not let me go ever since. 
After starting real money trading with intermediate term stock trading strategies, my interest evolved to options, forex and later futures trading.

During this time, I discovered the possibilities of applying my IT talents to the trading world. Since then, I have been focusing heavily on the synergies of my two passions. 

This includes the exploration of the markets with statistical measures and the development of exceptionally user friendly trader tools, machine learning and trading algorithms. 

Today, I am predominantly trading futures on a short to intermediate term basis.

Steffen Scheuermann


The nimble financial markets present endless possibilities that fascinate a vast amount of curious minds around the globe. The complexity and technological progress enables and requires traders nowadays to work with technological aids that make a traders difficult life easier.

My aspiration is to offer nifty solutions while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Cooperation with like-minded people, learning and growing together is my vision.


My work is focused on, but not limited to the TradeStation platform. My products and blog articles are therefore usually based on TradeStation and their respective programming language EasyLanguage®. From time to time, I work and post related to NinjaTrader and NinjaScript C# as well.

In addition, I utilize machine learning with Python, diverse web design techniques and of course Microsoft Excel.


Peter Eliades

Steffen Scheuermann is nothing short of a programming magician. He created an algorithm for my cycle price projections that no other programmer was able to accomplish in my search over the past couple of decades.  He is a tireless and creative worker and I hold him and his abilities in the highest esteem.

Larry Williams

I have used a lot of TradeStation programmers and they are very good but no one comes close to Steffen.

He’s a magician at this, but even

more important; he is reliable.