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Product Quick Tip: How Legendary trader Larry Williams uses Trading Mate to minimize slippage and enter on pullbacks

Updated: May 9

Here is a super quick overview on Trading Mate's main features:

  1. Setup planning and trade execution from the chart allows the trader to have a visual representation of planned trades.

  2. Simplified risk management by displayed expected loss / position size.

  3. Minimize order placement efforts, potential user errors and slippage.

“Order Errors Are Not Gifts From God That Turn Into Winning Trades” - Larry Williams

In this quick tip, we take a look at how Trading Mate can help to minimize slippage and entering trades on pullbacks:

Here is a real trade example (zoomed in to 15 min bar interval) of my mentor Larry Williams using Trading Mate to place an order combination of a stop market order with a subsequent limit order to complete his position on a pullback. Stop loss and profit target orders are placed accordingly.

Larry Williams US Bonds trade with Tradeatomy Trading Mate

Make sure to read the full documentation and the disclaimer before placing real money trades.

Feel free to post your thoughts, ideas, findings, and questions in the comment section.

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